About me!

About me

About me!

Hi! I’m Mo’minjon Abduraimov. I’m a high school pupil. I am from Uzbekistan.

I am a Full Stack Windows, Android and Web Developer. I have Pascal, C++, Java (AWT, Swing, JavaFX, Spring), SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery), PHP, WordPress, MySQL, PHP, Bootstrap, Python and some C# experiences. I love coding in Delphi!!!  I have been programming since 2014.

Now I am learning Delphi and Java programming languages deeply, also Web Development. I have created about ten programs with Delphi IDE (apps, Android and Windows).

I will post them! Please be active on my website!

My first programming experience was Pascal programming language.

In my website, you can learn Delphi programming language freely. I will create video tutorials and new posts to you!

If you have any questions or ideas about my website. Please contact me!